New Brownwood Town Square! Take A Peek..

Finally! The NEW Brownwood Town Square is open and The Villages residents are lovin it!

Groups are performing in the new dance area. Stores are starting to open. A whole new twist to life in The Villages is taking shape. There is still a lot of work to do but there is so much here to look at that I felt compelled to produce a video of the Brownwood Town Square from my eyes.

The town square takes on a western theme and believe me when I say that nothing was left out. The new Sales Center is the kind of place that all of the residents can enjoy and when the grandchildren come to visit, they will have a blast looking around as well. A great picture will be having them sit in the saddle stool in the old town western bar.

It’s none of my business what you do in the bathroom but I know when you go into the bathrooms at the Brownwood Tow Square sales office, you will be stunned with the beauty and attention to detail. The new Brownwood Town Square Sales Office is an amazing collection of time period artifacts that will amaze everyone that visits.

The new movie theater is a blast as well. You will feel like you have just entered a country general store. Popcorn is priced reasonably compared to theaters I went to in the Northeast.

When you get to the performance area, make sure you check out the dance floor and look for the tracks and signs of an old wagon train that ventured through the town.

Restaurants are not ready yet but City Fire will be the first to bring excitement to the down town.

The Villages has once again created that special place that makes us all speak of The Villages as “Disney World For Baby Boomers”

Watch the video below and see it through my eyes and then take a trip to the Brownwood Town Square when you can and enjoy!

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